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Dax Murray

Software engineer: writing about, speaking about, and ranting about code.

Businesses Against HB2
  • A website created after the NCGA and Pat McCrory signed HB2, which gutted rights for trans people and people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or otherwise not straight. It listed over 400 businesses that were opposed and had a list-building component. Design by Meena Yi and Kayla Bentley, content by Tessa Simonds. Pair-coded with Falon Shackelford.
  • Made using PureCSS framework and using Javascript to pull from a Google Spreadsheet
  • Rapid response project with a short time frame,
  • Preview
Your Republican Uncle
  • A website that saw many re-themeing events, designed to work on mobile and desktop to give talking points to Democrats during the holidays. Worked in conjunction with designer Meena Yi and content strategist Cate Domino
  • The holiday theme had blinking lights with css animations and svg
  • This was my first full static website created for a professional setting
  • Preview
  • See the code
  • A landing page to highlight a youtube video and promote list building during the primary, design by Meena Yi and content by Cate Domino, video by Eddie Geller and Rachel Velasquez
  • I made this at 11pm on a Saturday and had it built, tested, and deployed in 3 hours.
  • Made with PureCSS and custom Sass mixins
Has Chuck Grassley Done His Job
  • Created around when the 100 day mark had passed after President Obama nominated Garland for the Supreme Court. A counter that shows how long it's been since Obama made the nomination, built with Javascript. Designed by Meena Yi and Kayla Bently, content by Tessa Simonds and Cate Domino.
  • Uses PureCSS and CSS transitions to change the background image.
  • Uses npm scripts and Grunt to uglify, minify, and convert Sass to CSS.
  • Preview
Taxes By Trump
  • A base-engagement website built using npm scripts, Grunt, JQuery, Sass, and PureCSS, designed by Meena Yi, content by Cate Domino
  • The submit button and social buttons use css transitions to change colors!
  • This was rapid response and made, tested, and deployed in a day.
  • Preview
Status Alert System for CiviCRM
  • Using Angluar and PHP, created a status alert dashboard for CiviCRM, allowing a user to see any alerts, ranked by severity, and what actions need to be taken. Alerts could be hushed ('don't show me this again') or snoozed ('remind me on X day').
  • First time using Angular
  • First time writing professional object-oriented PHP API.
  • See the code
Vote By Mail
  • A component of for Florida voters to request a ballot by mail. Pair-coded with Chris Yarie, with help from Mike Jensen. Designed by the Design Team of Hillary for America.
  • Built using Scala, Django REST, and React
  • Successfully got over 50,000 people their mail-in ballots
  • Preview