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Dax Murray

Software engineer: writing about, speaking about, and ranting about code.

​Ruby, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP
Rails, Sinatra, Lotus, Bootstrap, PureCSS, Foundation, Angular, Middleman, Jekyll, WordPress, Drupal, Expression Engine
dev tools​:
git, bash, Highcharts, Heroku, AWS, git-flow, Jenkins, Grunt
Full Stack Developer
05/2018 - Present
  • Created new features and maintained a Rails based API
  • Ensured accurate documentation of the external API for partners using Swagger
Kit Check
Full Stack Developer
02/2017 - 04/2018
  • Created new features and maintained several Rails based API's
  • Built out and updated the front end of the application in AngularJS
  • Maintained and enhanced code to connect web-based applications to printers and RFID scanners
Software Engineer
  • Created new features and maintained an API in Ruby on Rails and Grape,
  • Worked on overhauling the custom built CMS for the main website, including research and discovery into alterntives
  • Updated and added new features to the front end of the application in Ember.js
Democratic National Committee
  • Created, maintained and overhauled, websites and micro-sites using responsive CSS and Sass, JavaScript, and Jquery,
  • Worked on, maintained, and added API's in Ruby on Rails,
  • Maintained and improved the main website for the DNC using Expression Engine and Bootstrap,
  • Worked collaboratively with digital, data, and other teams to create tools for voters, candidates, and campaign staff using Ruby on Rails
AGH Strategies
CRM Software Developer
  • Worked with the open source project, CiviCRM, to create extensions customized for non-profits
  • Committed directly to CiviCRM, creating an Angular application and modifying the API to allow users to see all status alerts on one page, with the ability to snooze or hush the alerts.
Social Driver
Software Engineer
  • Created and implemented new features in Rails applications
  • Worked with a collaborative team to build member portals from Salesforce databases,
  • Worked cross-functionally with UX/UI team to build data-visualization sites with Highcharts and
  • Maintained and improved data-driven client apps with Grape.
Social Driver
Junior Associate, Engineering
  • Worked in Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML, ERB, CSS to create member portals for clients,
  • Created a web app for internal use, and created an API for use with the mobile version of that app,
  • Scoped and did research for a new internal app to monitor multiple social media platforms,
  • Created a bi-weekly company hosted Meet up for teaching JavaScript,
  • Scoped and did research for a new internal app to monitor multiple social media platforms,
  • Spoke on Data Visualization as used by Social Driver at meet ups,
  • Collaborated on a 3 member back-end engineering team to redesign client websites,
  • Worked with integrating Salesforce data within a Rails app.
National Abortion Federation
Training and Education Coordinator
08/14 – 03/2015
  • In coordination with programmatic staff, planned 3 regional trainings, ranging in size from 100 attendees to over 500 attendees, on two continents,
  • Maintained the registration website, ran weekly reports on attendees,
  • Created relationships with hotel and conference staff,
  • Created web surveys for evaluation of the conference.
National Abortion Federation Hotline Fund
Case Manager
07/2012 – 09/2014
  • Assisted patients in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic US in navigating barriers to access,
  • Creted, built, and maintained relationships with staff at member providers,
  • Maintained relationships with local and national funding organizations,
  • Managed data coming from and going to member providers,
  • Managed and entered data coming from and going to patients.
Advocates for Youth
State Strategies Intern
Spring 2012
  • Researched relevant bills in state legislatures, including contraception, abortion care and access for minors, specifically parental involvement bills, high school bullying bills for LGBTQ youth, and bills that barred the discussion of LGBTQ sexual health in high school sex ed classes,
  • Wrote blog posts for website on current state bills
  • Composed quarterly report of policy actions
  • Lead organizing planner for 140 person collaborative conference hosted by 9 national partners
  • Provided technical assistance to local advocacy groups
  • Maintained and entered data coming from and going to attendees
National Abortion Federation Hotline Fund
Hotline Operator
09/11 – 07/12
  • Assisted callers in obtaining funding for abortions
  • Answered caller questions about recent policy changes in their state, restrictive abortion laws, and state and federal funding policies
  • Provided confidential phone counseling, emotional support, and referrals to callers in crisis
  • Assisted Case Managers in data entry
Great American Condom Campaign
Spring 2011
  • Provided peer education on safe sex
  • Hosted discussions on safer sex and accessibility
  • Provided awareness for the needs of LGBTQ individuals with regards to condoms and safer sex
Allegheny College Alpha Delta Pi, Eta Beta chapter
Recruitment Information Manager, Webmistress
  • Maintained and oversaw the storage of recruitment information,
  • Updated and improved the chapter website.
Allegheny College Reproductive Health Coalition
Co-Founder, Webmistress
  • Advocated for more health care options on campus, including STD testing, contraception, and condoms and abortion care referrals,
  • Peer educated on laws in the tri-state (OH, PA, NY) area regarding accessing abortion care,
  • Disseminated information related to where to obtain abortion or contraceptive care, how to access care, and what the barriers might be to that care
  • Created a website with information about birth control and STI protection, with additional information on local availablity and how to access
Allegheny College Queers'n'Allies
  • Organized, planned events on campus related to LGBTQ students, including bringing speakers to campus to speak on reproductive issues for queer students,
  • Peer educated on safer LGBTQ sex,
  • Joined forces with other campus groups to create coalitions and alliances around issues like HIV/AIDs, ending DADT, ending DOMA, and advancing non-discrimination.
General Assembly
Back End Web Development
Allegheny College
Major: Political Science, Minor: Writing
American University (Study Abroad)
International Law & Organizations
DC Doulas for Choice 2012 Cleveland Pro-Choice Escorts 2010